Why Every Srilankan Must Read JDS

i don’t remember the way i heard about this source of information but i think it might be Facebook or any other social media .we are Sri lankans ware accustomed to hear news from open medias and get information and make decision form news witch we hear from paper or electronic media since few decades. but as everybody knows all the media and newspapers are controlling by government rules and conditions. then they have to filter information in order to continue there media channel . i think this maybe the most terrifying incident that we are facing in then and current political and social stage. if say in sort sri lankans are getting political and social decisions according to ruling government and we are being puppets.

Journalist for democracy of srilanka organized in burlin of German on 2009 with the collaboration of flees journalists of sri lanka of course i know that you will be freeze after reading there about us page of there website. in clearly the have mentioned that they have informed  the channel-4 of UK for make the film” Sri lankan Killing field”.

Now wait a moment and start to read

JDSlanka.org/s is containing with controversial political and social  articles witch happened in past  six decades in Lanka, a good explanation of ethnic crisis ,start of the civil war,mass graves of south and government territory against singhala and tamil people of srilanka. i certify that you have never got a chance to read about these things in open medias of srilanka and this is a brilliant source to open the shitting mind sets of sri lankan people. that’s why im telling this is a must read for every sri lankan