Plants And Soil

hear i took some pictures of plants there around my home with my mobile cam.some of them are herbal plants,and we see the soil is doing a gigantic work to grab an entire bio system.that’s why we need to save the earth from soil pollution.


Stars And Me

In every night
i go to up stare and looking at the sky
i see some stars small but flashing colorfully
some stars steady and big
in my childhood
i loved that big stars
and i wished to get them at me

when i got mature
i understood all those big stars are fake
i understood they have no light or power
still that little stars are spreading
the real happiness
and truth
and i though to be a little star

Mobile Photography

I brought my new smart phone in last December from online previously i used a simple Nokia 1100 for communication and frequently used my Huawie media pad for day today works. in course of time it was unconvinced to use two different things at ones and bought the new smart phone. it is a Huawie Y6 (pro) one. i refused the tablet due to it became with Android old version.
main cause was rally i had wanted a cheap smartphone with good Camera for capture important i released i have got the perfect decision about that.during past nine  months i captured many photos with good quality . it’s image quality can equalize with normal 15Mpx Nikon digital camera when i surfing the internet i saw an article about mobile phone photography in my favorite StumbleUpon web.
i have heard about this subject before, but i didn’t give any enthusiasm about that.after reading this article for the first time i turned my mind to software settings of the camera the settings  there ware few unknown settings like ISO, Image adjustment,white balancing etc .all the settings had been kept in Auto mode and i changed them.the result was unbelievable😵.
i could capture high quality images From my smart phone that you never believe them took from a 13Mpx smart phone camera. the secret is you can be able to set your camera settings according to light position and move camera to relevant point in auto focus mode for capture a grate addition you can use an free App like ”Snapseed” for post editing.